Image of Premium Plus Incense
Image of Premium Plus Incense

Premium Plus Incense


All our premium plus incense packs come with 10 sticks dipped in pure oil which burn around one hour, some longer.

Our premium plus incense include the following scents:

*MAS AMBRE: Made from a combination of resins. Good smelly stuff and longest burning. Over an hour.

*CHAMPA GIRL: Made with the sweetest nag champa oil distilled from the delicate flowers right on the river banks of eastern India.

*COPAL BLANCO: Made with real hard to find white copal resin. Used in ancient times by the high priests of the Yucatan in Central America. One hour plus.

*DESERT AIR: Native American white sage oil is in this stimulating herbal blend good for meditation.

*FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH RESIN (aka Christmas spice): Made famous in the bible by the three kings, this long burning and spicy blend is created with melted pitch from the middle east. Over an hour.

*HEMP SCENT: Made with organic hemp seed oil

*KETORET: Means incense in Hebrew. This is the holy temple recipe from Jerusalem. Very spicy and contains saffron.

*PINON: Native American pine pitch. Sweet and light, but intense and solid burning. Clears the mind. One hour plus.

*REGGAE ROSE: Like a bouquet of roses with real rose petal oil. The king of scents. Aphrodisiac.

*EXTRA FINE SANDALWOOD: Soft, warm, woodsy. Made with the most expensive Indian Mysore sandalwood oil.

*TIERRA OOD: Aloeswood incense (aka Agarwood): Earthy and pungent. Traditionally used by a priviledged few, including royals from Asia and the Middle East, as the resin is rare.